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Federal customs service

The 28th Global RILO Meeting was held under the chairmanship of the RILO CIS

Published at: 12 February 2021 13:08

The 28th Global RILO Meeting was held virtually under the chairmanship of the RILO CIS, for the first time, on 19-20 January, 2021.

10 of 11 RILOs located on almost all continents, as well as representatives of the WCO Secretariat participated in the Meeting. In his welcoming speech the WCO Deputy Secretary General Mr. Ricardo Trevino commended the excellent work of RILOs in their regions to ensure the effectiveness of law enforcement activities.

RILO South America has been elected as a Vice-Chair of the Global RILO Meetings with tenure for the period of the RILO CIS chairmanship.

The results of the RILOs activities for the year were summed up during the Meeting. The participants discussed issues of training on the CEN network in web-mode, conducting special law enforcement operations, using the CENcomm communication platform to exchange urgent information about smuggling. The use of this platform allows RILOs to identify channels for the smuggling of goods, including drugs, alcohol and tobacco products, weapons, counterfeit goods and CITES objects.

For reference

The Global RILO Network includes 11 RILO offices that unite the customs services of the world on a sub-regional basis.

 The main purpose of the network is to increase the effectiveness of bilateral and multilateral cooperation between customs services in the field of law enforcement information exchange.

The WCO Regional Intelligence Liaison Office for the Commonwealth of Independent States (RILO CIS) established on 13.09.2001 is a coordinating body in the CIS area and is structurally part of the Central Enforcement Department of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. In 2020 RILO CIS was elected Chairman of the Global RILO Meetings for the period 2021-2022 for the first time.

 In addition to Russia, RILO CIS officially includes national contact points of the customs services of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.