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Federal customs service

Customs officers in Vladivostok prevented the import of more than 28 thousand liters of counterfeit motor oil

Published at: 3 December 2020 11:09
Last update: 10 December 2020 11:15

An attempt to import more than 28 thousand liters of counterfeit motor oil marked with the Hyundai trademark was prevented by the officers of the customs post "Sea port of Vladivostok".

During the inspection of the container, which arrived from the Republic of Korea, customs officers found about 14 thousand cans of Hyundai engine oil. The products were visually different from the original ones: the product labels did not correspond to the color design and location of individual elements. In addition, the supplier did not have permission documents for the use of the trademark.

The copyright holder (Hyundai Motor Company) said that the license agreement on granting the right to use the trademark with the importer (a Moscow company) had not been concluded. The total damage amounted to more than 6.3 million rubles.

On the fact of illegal use of the trademark, the Vladivostok customs launched an administrative offense case under part 1 of article 14.10 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. According to the decision of the arbitration court of Primorsky Krai, the Moscow company was fined and the goods were confiscated.