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Federal customs service

North Ossetian customs officers have found more than 170 000 packs of cigarettes from the UAE in a tank for liquefied gas

Published at: 29 April 2020 14:56

About 171 000 packs of cigarettes from the UAE were detained at the Verchniy Lars Check point (North Ossetia) in a tank trailer for the transportation of liquefied gas from Georgia.

The detention was carried out by the North Ossetian customs officials with cooperation between the Regional Russian Security Service and Regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The tank marked "Propane" were checked by x-ray machine. On the x-ray images the customs officers saw foreign objects in the tank cavity. During the inspection a large number of boxes and blocks of Malimbo and Richman cigarettes (United Arab Emirates) were found.

According to the expert opinion the cost of this batch of tobacco products is 5.5 million rubles.

Due to illegal movement of tobacco products on a large scale the North Ossetian customs initiated a criminal case under part 1 of article 200.2 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.