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Federal customs service

About the Procedure of Carrying out of Customs Operations in regard to Mass Media Professional Equipment

Russian and foreign mass media may follow the procedure, stipulating the submission of the List of goods in the capacity of a declaration to the Customs Authorities by carrying out of the customs operations in regard to professional equipment. The form of the List is approved by the Customs Union Committee Resolution No. 263, dated 20th May, 2010.

The FCS of Russia took measures to decrease the quantity of documents, which are to be submitted simultaneously with the List. Currently, only the Obligation of reverse import/export should be submitted with it. More than 15 documents, accompanying the List, were needed for the submission to the Customs Authorities before.

Thus, according to the explanations, issued by the FCS, the List and the Obligation are considered as sufficient and are used by the Customs Authorities to carry out the customs operations by temporary import/export of the Russian or foreign mass media professional equipment.

The options of temporary import of the professional equipment for foreign mass media are the following:

- with the application of “Temporary Import Convention”, dated 26 June, 1990, with the use of ATA carnets;

- with the application of “Temporary Import Convention”, dated 26 June, 1990, without submission of any customs documents (without submission of a goods declaration) and guarantee determination.

For the second option, it’s sufficient to submit the List of imported equipment and the written Obligation of its export to the Customs Authorities. The List of imported equipment and the written Obligation of its export are submitted in free-form. The estimated date of reverse export of the equipment is indicated in the Obligation. It is also necessary to confirm that the equipment will be used by persons, arriving to the territory of temporary import, or will be under their control. If the Obligation contains the list of temporary imported equipment, the submission of a separate equipment list isn’t needed. A model, brand, identification number of each article, constituting a completed equipment package, must be indicated in the List, if present. The temporary import period may reach 12 months. In case of prolongation, a new Obligation with newly specified temporary import period must be submitted to the Customs Authorities, where the Obligation was initially submitted to.

The list of accredited foreign mass media can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

The list of registered Russian mass media can be found on the official website of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Information Technologies and Mass Communication.

In case, if conflict situations emerge by carrying out of customs operations, connected with the placement of mass media professional equipment under customs procedures, please, inform Mr. M.Chislov, Deputy Director of the General Department of organization of customs processing and customs control  (tel. (499) 449 71 34) or Mr. A.Katkov, Head of the Department of Customs Warehouses, Temporary Import and Special Customs Regimes of the General Department of organization of customs processing and customs control  (tel. (499) 449 84 62).

You can get all the information, concerning carrying out of customs operations in regard to mass media professional equipment in Moscow airports:

-  in Sheremetyevo Airport, tel.: (495) 538 76 96, (495) 538 76 97, (495) 538 76 07;

-  in Domodedovo Airport, tel.: (495) 276 09 37, (495) 276 05 86;

-  in Vnukovo Airport, tel.: (495) 285 60 52